A look around in the world we live in reveals an often confusing mosaic of form, colour and function. While there exist no metrics to measure design quantitatively we believe that good design is enduring, recognizable, and always the product of a thorough and collaborative process.

Design is a key deliverable in the O-Palier value proposition. Ideas are the lifeblood of the creative process and come from diverse sources, from timeless historical references to the modern market place.

Ideas are brought to us by professional designers, by our own merchants, and often by our customers, expressing a need, opportunity, or strategy. The evolution of these ideas is developed by our in-house design team who ensure the final product conforms to our principles of good design.


It is about design.

An all important consideration in making great quality furniture is the design of the product. Are the materials selected and the craftsmanship required in the execution of the design high quality? Are they refined, are they long lasting, and are they precisely and carefully done.

Challenged by a partner to provide upscale innovative design at an affordable price point, O-Palier, as an example in its Prelude collection, has carefully mitered the side post panel and top panel of the case to ensure a clean “wrap-around” joint, therefore presenting the dark ebony oak framing as a clean contrast to the light ivory oak finished drawer fronts.

This same collection includes touch latch drawers to eliminate the visual clutter of hardware, fully finished drawer interiors to provide a pleasing display of the drawers contents, and O-Palier’s enhanced extension, self closing guides engineered with four ball bearings and level adjustment to ensure long lasting performance of the cases primary storage and access functions.


O-Palier Principles of Great Design

  • Great design is aesthetic. The products we choose to use everyday affect our psyche and our sense of well being. Furniture design quality, the role it plays in our lives and in our home, is an important and integral part of this aesthetic.
  • Great design integrates usefulness. Furniture is purchased to be used as well as to be displayed. We believe good furniture design is about function as well as aesthetics and romance.
  • Great design is restrained and to a certain extent neutral in that it must allow the consumer to project their own lifestyle needs upon it. In this, furniture design should not be obtrusive and should participate in but not dominate or dictate a users own self-expression.
  • Great design is understandable. At its best, design communicates the what and why of a piece of furniture.
  • Great design is both aesthetically and functionally durable. It avoids overt trendiness as much as it avoids being outdated. It is well executed using material and craftsmanship selected to ensure a long and productive life cycle.
  • Less is More with respect to great design. O-Palier’s approach is to concentrate on essential elements in design and not burden the product, and therefore the consumer, with superfluous elements that complicate execution, create clutter, add expense and generally use more raw material. This is an environmentally better approach.
  • Great design is thorough. The process is not arbitrary and leaves nothing to chance. Each aspect, detail and their execution is considered and managed.
  • Great design is collaborative and evaluative. Each and every time we review a product we make it better. Our approach encourages dialogue and is based on this process.