Our Story

The trend toward off-shore manufacturing is a new chapter in a very old story. Most labour intensive industries like the manufacture of furniture have moved throughout history from high labour cost regions to low labour cost regions. New England, the Carolinas and Canada have all had periods of great success in our industry and eventually lost their place to regions of lower cost labour. These transitions have always been disruptive and taken place amongst the backdrop of claims that “they can’t make our quality levels”.

We believe that great quality is about product , process and perseverance regardless of where it is made and that there is a need for a services oriented business model which closes the gap created when manufacturing is increasingly very distant from the markets it serves.

O-Palier was founded with the idea of delivering above average returns to our retail partners by providing innovative design, engineering, quality control SERVICES through an efficient cost structure. While we sell a product we view the product as the vehicle by which we deliver these services.

O-Palier is taken from the old French ”haut palier” which means a higher level. O-Palier is dedicated to taking today’s home furnishings to a higher level by creating furniture with fresh innovative designs, superior quality features and delivering these in a way that is high profit, low risk and problem free for our retail partners.


Who We Are

O-Palier Principals have more than 60 years of experience in the retailing, design, engineering and manufacturing of furniture products. Our commitment is that only experienced furniture people do the quality control of O-Palier production.

O-Palier works exclusively with a very few, large, diversely capable, manufacturing partners.  These partnerships are built on many years of trust and learning together.  Our speed to market, execution, consistency and problem resolution are all best in class with this integrated and stable approach.

O-Palier’s outlook is that of a service provider to our retail partners. To accomplish this we work to become very knowledgeable about our partners’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strategies and orient ourselves to help our partners achieve success.